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Yeah, yeah, it's been a long time but I sincerely haven't got the time to angst anymore.

But I have to get this thought out and I cannot do this on FaceBook because I most likely WILL offend said person.

So, my old schoolmate; Nurul asked me 2 weeks ago if I had job openings at my workplacesince she's finished her teaching course, and waiting for her convocation and placement. We're currently shorthanded but the Operator's were more desperately as there were 3 pregnant ladies there and one of them is due NEXT MONTH. So I told her there's an opening, just give me the resume and I would get her an application form, and pass it all up to my Front Office Manager.

A few days later, she swings by to pick up the application form and shows me her resume. Her, ONE PAGE RESUME. I sincerely restrained myself that night since I did not yell out her ears and instead asked if she had actually tried doing a resume before. (Seriously. Seriously? Seriously?! I went online and looked for information on how to write a proper CV, asked my father who reviews applications from the local university for his business; Xeroxed a ridiculous amount of copies for my IDs, certificates and qualifications and HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES!). I kindly advised Nurul that one page is a ridiculous amount and no employer is going to look twice at it. Frankly speaking, I get to look through the applications my office gets (the boss does not know) and I've seen much better ones from fresh high school leavers albeit with worse English.

Here's the kicker. The next week, she swung by again when I was on the graveyard shift to hand in her resume and application form. As soon as I picked it up, I felt a scowl start to form. This time, her resume is three pages. THREE PIECES OF A4 PAPER. I asked her,

"Where's the certificate copies I told you to put in the last time?"

"Oh, yeah...they're all at home. But now that I think about it, they didn't give certificates for a lot of my activities."

".......so.....this is the resume you want to hand in....?"

"Yeah! Why?"


Like, oh. My. Gods. Really? REALLY?! Are you even serious about finding a JOB?! I understand that you are waiting for convocation at the end of the year (and your school placement as a brand new teacher) but when you say you are looking for a job, you better be serious about it! I have even told you what people want to see in a resume and you hand me 3 pieces of paper I would rather use to wipe toner off my hands after I fix another printer at work (I am being nice here, I am usually far more foul mouthed)! I even asked if she had asked anyone for help on how to write a resume or searched for any info but all I got was another negative answer.

There is only so many times I can repeat the words "Really?!" and "Seriously?!" but as of yet, I have not found the end of it.

Alright, I might sound a little pretentious but hey, I've held down this job for almost 2 years and 6 months; I think I know what the Hell I am talking about. And I have been ignored and taken little notice of, just like that. Am I being taken seriously? Are you even being serious about this, Nurul?! I am the laziest person around but I take my work seriously. I have a lot of responsibility and essentially, that is what a job is. It took me a long time to be this responsible in my work as someone with barely any but this, this, this display of unenthusiasm, irresponsibility and NO EFFORT is making my blood boil!!!

You could have said no when I told you there was a position for Telephone Operator open if you were not really interested in the first place! You should have saved us the trouble. I doubt my bosses will call you for interview unless they were uber desperate. Yours is the THINNEST resume I have ever seen in my whole life (and that includes watching my cousin type out her own CV on a manual typewriter).

I am reaching the speechlessness point. All I want to do is flail, gesture incomprehensibly and splutter out half formed words nevermind sentences.




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