Jun. 22nd, 2008

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The next time I go for a small enclosed space with a jazz concert being held in it, I'm heading straight for the cheap seats (I know it's for charity but really! I came home with a headache the size of Pahang).

I must say, I've never really indulged myself in Jazz before barring the jazzy soul bluesy styles of Double Take but tonight, all the performers were wonderful, professional and so relaxed. Even the opening act although some of them looked a little pale, but give them credit; they are actually art students.

But hey, they had my feet tapping and it wasn't long before my head starting bobbing along. Which unfortunately contributed to my headache.

Mr. Paul Ponnudorai. Wow. Amazing. I cringed when he said Country Western but thank god it was Rock-A-Billy (I'm an eclectic kind of person but pure Country Western scares all levels of Hell out of me). And yes, the sound technicians were not really up to standards. Could they at least make their panicking motions a little less, well, flailing? The performers themselves just shrugged and moved on. I mean, really, Mr Cheong already picked up the tambourine ready to freestyle it; there really is no need to run around him trying to insert the plug back into his electric ukelele(?). Technical problems happen all the time. Stop acting like the cliched headless chicken!

And the guy controlling the sound systems? Not much help. And blind at one point when drummer John(?) Thomas started waving an arm to catch his attention. Heck, the rhythm he was tapping out sounded off to me (I'm partially tone deaf FYI) and he kept trying to get the sound guy to adjust something for oh, about 3 minutes. I saw one of the stage crew muttering into his walkie talkie but no go. The sound guy was no good at controlling the volume either. Mr. Ponnudorai asked him to adjust but to no avail. Again. Hence my hours long headache. And temporary deafness.

Greg Lyons. Mr. Greg Lyons. Oooh la la! I have a thing for saxophones, drums and bass. Saxophones from a TV series in my childhood called Nightman (if you have watched it, I applaud you). Oh, but that set was fun! (I managed to get Mr. Lyons' autograph; if I had seen Thomas, Peterson and Ponnudorai, I would have run after them with the stupid programme booklet and the borrowed pen as well!)

Speaking of the programme booklet, it is dumb. It only showed up during the fifth performance getting handed out by a hapless teenaged stage crew. Why were they not placed on every seat in the first place? I came in a few minutes late so I remained clueless as to who were these people on stage. I also wonder who did not give the booklet a final or even a first read through for all the missing commas and misspelling running throughout. Urgh! 


At least the MC Iskandar was funny. The lady MC flubbed once but gained back her rhythm later.

Aseana Percussion Unit. Good shit. I mentioned that I love drums. All kinds of percussions in fact (Safri Duo, Blue Man Trio) so it was great to see APU in action. One of their members was a cute guy with mussed dreads so the eye candy definitely did not hurt!

Mind you, they had people up and dancing, and jumping at this point. I had to leave because I could feel the floor vibrating quite strongly through my numb posterior and feet, 1Borneo IS a new building after all; the Centre Atrium is above the basement level.

Overall, the performances were awesome. The technical side? Er, not quite. I suppose it is because nobody in the crew is getting paid (it IS a charity event after all) but really? Did the Mayor have to witness your incompetence? Have some pride!

At least his speech in the booklet was proofread by his secretary, thank goodness.


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