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I'm from Malaysia who is a fangirl for anime/manga n yaoi n babbling nonsense to the point my friends have no idea wat i'm saying....but they tell me i'm sweet....which i'll have to take their word for it bcoz i really dun think i'm sweet....AT ALL! oh yeah, n i'm a tomboy...with some serious eclectic tastes in music.....that ranges from rock, metal, jazz, classical and J-pop and an overabundance of anime soundtracks.....

and now I work in the world's most cheapest and cheapskate 5 star resort that you cannot believe! w00t! *fallsover*

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anime, anne mccaffrey novels, boots, cats, cheese, collecting manga, collecting martial arts weaponry, collecting relevant anime/manga paraphenalia, collecting vcds, ddr, destroying stuff, fantasy novels, internet, kittens, manga, martial arts, mythology, parapara, paraparaparadise, photography, pizza, reading, runes, shopping, shounen-ai, sugar high, tea, vampires, video arcade, wicca, yaoi
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