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Taken from Reader's Digest:-

The Car Talk Guys on America's National Public Radio network claim to have "thousands of people on the staff, all trying to do less work than us." After reading this list of their employees, we wondered where they hired them:

Auto Seat Tester = Fitz Matush (fits my tush?)
Chief Information Officer = Otto Delupe (outta da loop??)
Assistant Director of Strategic Planning = Kent C. Detrees (can't see the trees?!)
Alternative Fuel Consultant = Amanda Livering Cole (A MAN delivering COAL?!)
Computer Hardware Specialist = Colin Backslash ( O_o;;;)
Head of Personal Security = C. Howie Run (...see how we run???)
Shop Foreman = Luke Bizzy (look busy?! *sniggers*)
Staff Intern = Lois Rung (lowest rung lol!)

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what happens when you get a housing advisor with an excellent penchant for poking fun at aussie stereotype comes up to the podium? a lecture full of very much awake and laughing students.

the housing advisor himself is an aussie but he was happily poking fun at some of aussie stereotypes, like the whole accent which was not helped by steve irwin....most of them don't speak in heavily accented tones.

but anyways, he joked about how the guys sounded like crows while the gals sounded more like seagulls, due to the fact that Perth is so close to the beach that everyone as a baby picked up on bird tones instead of human lol! the fact that WA is so informal, sirs n ma'ams aren't all that necessary....however, sir is best used with the immigration officers, if only to get deported in a more polite manner. hhahahah.

and the REAL reason why people used the word 'mate' all the time even with the informality is that it's a lot more easier to call someone 'mate' instead of remembering their names. guys call everything 'mate' not just humans, from the fridge to books to tables.....even their cars...

*acts as though trying to turn the ignition* "Come on, mate!!! Come on!!"

and he gave some 'advice' on practicing our proununciation of 'mate'.

1) Go find a crow.
2) Start going maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiitttttteeeee.
3) If the crow starts answering back, then you're getting there.


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